Beauty Trends to Watch Out for 2020

by | Jan 25, 2020 | Blog, Trends

2020 hails not just the start of a new year, but a brand new decade. The beauty trends from 2019 ranged from the wonderful to the downright wacky, but we’ve caught up with AR makeup school principal and professional make up artist of more than 25 years, Suzanne Potts, to find out what’s on the horizon for cosmetics this year and which trends we’ll see blaze a trail. 

Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Everyone is so much more conscious of what is contained in products now – not just the lotions and potions we use on our skin, but also what goes into making our food, drinks and clothing. Last year, the sustained spotlight on sustainability meant that the rise in clean products continued. 

2020 will see influencers continue to embrace cruelty-free beauty and vegan products whilst boycotts and backlash will continue for any brands still using questionable testing methods. 

Brands such as Ilamasqua, Bare Minerals, Urban Decay and NYX continue to lead the pack when it comes to cruelty-free beauty and no doubt will need to shout louder about their credentials as more people demand ‘clean’ products. 

Clean Up Your Act

In much the same vein as the focus on cruelty-free cosmetics, 2020 will also maintain a shining spotlight on sustainability. Brands are increasingly being asked to cut down on, or justify the use of plastic packaging. 

It’s not just the beauty industry that has been highlighted for wasteful packaging, but with influencer marketing playing such a huge role in communications strategies for so many beauty brands, companies are having to be extra careful with how they provide their products. 

MAC got in on the act and now if you collect and return six finished MAC products to one of its stores, they will recycle the packaging and you get rewarded with a free lipstick. Now, whilst the cynics amongst us will point out that this also doubles up as a loyalty scheme, it’s a step in the right direction. 

Meanwhile, brands like Lush have continued to lead the way, providing minimal-to-zero packaging options and others are now taking note. Notable names such as Dior are taking action, removing cellophane and unnecessary product leaflets. Those that remain have been printed with naturally sourced ink too, for good measure. 

Beauty Trends to Watch Out for 2020 AR Makeup School

Colour Makes a Splash!

Coloured make-up sales were in decline in 2019, down 31% from the previous year. 2020, though, is time for nudes and neutrals to take a step back and let colour make its comeback. Here’s where we think you’ll most likely see colour creeping in.

1. Mismatched eyeshadow 

Yes, you read that right. Mismatched eyeshadow is a trend we’ll see in 2020; think one eye blue, one eye pink. That’s statement enough, so easy on the liner and lashes and don’t let the lips do any talking.

2. Pink is the new red

Pink lips will be taking on the classic red lip – it’s as simple as that. Bright pinks will lead the way; magenta, fucshia and hot pink are shades to stock up on. 

3. Mascara and eyeliner join in the fun

Neon was big last year and it will stick around in 2020, but we’ll see it creeping out of eyeshadows and into liners. Mascara will also get in on the action – traditional dark browns and blacks will still be a makeup staple, but you can expect to see greens and blues applied  to lashes more often, from here on out. 

4. Evolution of the smokey eye

The smokey eye is going nowhere and any makeup artist needs to be able to deliver a classic dark smokey eye, with black, grey and browns. That said, 2020 is the year of colour, so expect to see a new take on the smokey eye, with reds and burgundys tipped to kickstart the trend. 

Beauty Trends to Watch Out for 2020 AR Makeup School

You’ve Got Male

Male grooming has become big business in the beauty and cosmetics industry and as attitudes towards it become more open, more men are getting in on the act. 2020 might signal the arrival of male-specific beauty products – watch this space! 

Brows Go Back to Basics

The past few years have seen Cara Delevigne eyebrows take over – big, bushy, wavy, fishtail – you name it, the 2010s saw it happen! However, the jig is up for creative brows as this decade we’ll go back to basics. Controlled, kept brows are back – natural, unpainted brows in all their glory will hit the catwalks in February. Hopefully the trend stops short of over-plucked barely-there 90s brows making a come back though! 

Beauty Trends to Watch Out for 2020 AR Makeup School