The Best False Eyelashes for Every Occasion

by | Nov 27, 2019 | Makeup

False eyelashes are the perfect addition to any makeup look. Whether you want to add just a touch of glamour to your normal day-to-day makeup look, or some serious drama to your smokey eye makeup – there’s a style of false lashes for any occasion. However, not all lashes are made equal and it can be difficult to find the best false eyelashes to suit your needs, so we’ve rounded up some of the best false eyelash brands and picked out some of their best offerings to take the stress out of choosing your next pair of lashes.

How to Apply False Lashes

When it comes to applying false eyelashes, the fear (and stress!) of applying them often leads people to just go without and invest in a good mascara, or enlist the help of a professional makeup artist. 

Although it can be a little fiddly, once you’ve got the hang of applying false eyelashes you’ll be able to apply them in no time at all – and avoid any disasters!

Step 1 

The first step to applying false eyelashes is to measure the lash against your own lash line before cutting it to size. 

Simply grab a pair of tweezers and measure the eyelash against your lash line, before trimming it from the inside of the lash with a pair of nail scissors. Make sure you only trim it bit by bit, as you don’t want to end up taking too much off and ending up with a lash that’s too short! 

Step 2

Once you’ve cut your lashes to size, add a little bit of eyelash glue to the band of the lashes and set them to one side to let the glue dry. 

The biggest mistake people make when applying false lashes is trying to put the lash on before the glue has dried sufficiently, leading to the lash lifting at the corners and not sliding all over the place. Instead, leave the glue to dry for a couple of minutes until the glue is almost dry and this will make applying your lash much easier. 

Step 3

The third and final step is to apply your lash to your lid. Hold the strip lash in the centre using your fingers or tweezers before pressing as close to the lash line as possible. During this step, it helps to look down into a mirror to get the perfect placement. 

Make sure both ends of the lashes are stuck down properly to ensure they don’t ping up throughout the day, and you’re ready to go! 

The Best False Eyelashes for Your Collection

Doll Beauty




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Launched by two beauty lovers in 2016, Doll Beauty has been going from strength to strength ever since, with a mission to turn heads at every opportunity!

With a huge cult following, Doll Beauty specialise in both handmade mink and faux mink lashes, with a style to suit every occasion. From super wispy mink lashes, to gorgeous lengthening brazillian faux mink lashes – you’re sure to find your new go-to lashes from their collection. 

The Best False Lashes from Doll Beauty

Samantha Lashes 

If you want to go all-out glam, then the Samantha mink lashes are perfect for you. Fanning out to 6mm in the corner, these wonderfully-wispy lashes are perfect for taking you from day to night.

Jasmine Lashes

These gorgeous, lightweight mink lashes are one of Doll Beauty’s bestsellers – and for good reason! These full-body lashes are perfect for adding a little bit of drama to any makeup look and will perfectly compliment a smokey eye.

Divine Lashes

The clue is in the name with these lashes! The fluffiest faux-mink lashes you’ll ever lay your eyes upon, the Divine lashes from Doll Beauty will and length and volume to your lashes, complimenting any makeup look.

Unicorn Cosmetics



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Unicorns are having their moment, so it comes as no surprise that Unicorn Lashes makes our list of the best false eyelashes on the market right now. 

Every pair of lashes comes in the most aesthetically-pleasing unicorn box, so they’re guaranteed to cheer up even the most dreary day. Stocking both mink and faux-mink lashes, Unicorn Cosmetics have the perfect set of lashes for everyone – no matter what the occasion. 


The Best False Lashes from Unicorn Cosmetics


Peachy Pie

Wispy, long and oh-so dreamy, the Peachy Pie mink lashes from Unicorn Cosmetics are a must-have. 

Whether you want to add a bit of drama to your day-to-day look, or need some ultra-fluttery lashes for your next night out – the Peachy Pie lashes are perfect for any occasion. 



Wispy and dramatic, the Stormy mink lashes from Unicorn Cosmetics are an absolute dream. With a thick black band, they’re easy to apply and add a little bit of drama to any look. 


Forget Me Not

Whether you’re a strict vegan, or mink lashes just aren’t for you, the Forget Me Not false lashes are the perfect alternative to the mink lash range. 

Adding volume and length to your lashes, these gorgeous falsies will ensure you’re never forgotten, no matter where you go…






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Perhaps one of the best known false eyelash brands, Eylure are a popular choice among celebs and makeup artists alike. 

With a huge range of lashes, from day-to-day lashes that add a little extra ‘oompf’, to all-out dramatic falsies that’ll be your new BFFs on a night out – Eylure’s huge range of false lashes have got something for everyone.


The Best False Lashes from Unicorn Cosmetics


Opulent Magnetic Lashes

For a little bit of glamour without the full lash effect, the Opulent magnetic lashes are perfect – especially if you struggle to apply traditional false lashes! 

The mink-effect corner lashes provide a super-feathery finish that’ll compliment just about any makeup look and the addition of the magnetic strip makes applying your lashes an absolute breeze – simply slide them off when you’re ready to take them off and you can wear them again, and again and again. 


Gilded Lashes

For lashings of drama, the Gilded Lashes from Eylure are perfect for a night out and will add an extra bit of glamour to your look. 

These soft, mink-effect lashes are are handmade and will last for up to 10 wears (as long as you look after them!), so you’ll always have a go-to pair of lashes for a spontaneous night out.  


No. 003 Lashes

Whether you’re new to false eyelashes, or you’re just looking for a subtle pair of lashes for your day-to-day look, we at AR makeup school want to help! The No. 003 lashes from Eylure are the best false eyelashes for the job, adding a touch of glamour and flutter to any makeup look!

So whether you opt for mink, faux-mink or magnetic lashes, these are the best false eyelashes on the market right now – the only choice you’ve got to make is which to buy first!