An update for our wonderful students, past, present and future;
It’s been many weeks now since Covid19 tore through our country, causing devastation that has been felt globally.
We have all suffered losses of many different kinds and while nothing about this has been fair or just, we are looking toward the future.
The team at AR wanted to let you all know that we are working hard to resume your training as soon as possible, helping you – our brilliant students – on the road to your new career.
It’s safe to say things will have changed here and in all walks of life, but we are still absolutely committed to training you to the high standard you deserve – as soon as we’re able to.
It’s now more important than ever to make sure you officially qualify in your field including, as with all governed qualifications, full Health, Safety and Hygiene certificates.
The impact of this pandemic will prove detrimental to our industry and your career going forward, if you don’t prioritise and prepare for heightened demands on health and safety precautions.
You may need to prove you will not put anyone at risk – including yourself. Essential insurance products for make up artists could change drastically across the industry, so we are busy in the background making sure that qualifications and training from AR ensure our artists are ‘bullet proof’.
  • Updating all of our Health & Safety policies
  • Working closely with our governing body to develop additional safety procedures
  • We’ve sourced the PPE we will need to ensure the safety of our staff and students
  • Changing our studio to meet new regulations
  • Developing new and safe ways to train you without compromising quality.
As soon as we can update you we will. Stay safe everyone.
We miss you all and look forward to seeing you again soon.