Do I Need A Qualification?

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Blog, Education, Makeup

Once you have completed your necessary training, you will then be able to refer to yourself as a qualified makeup artist. But first, you need to understand why it is so essential to get a government framework qualification.


It’s not just about someone saying “congratulations you’ve completed the course”, you need to be sure you are issued with a qualification that is part of the government framework as this will enable you to get the correct insurance with any company enabling you to pursue and thrive doing the job that you love. If you complete an “accredited” course, this does not necessarily mean your qualification falls within the government framework and although these courses state they offer insurable certificates, these are often only accredited by an insurance firm, limiting the insurance that is available to you.


Completing courses to gain more experience in different fields of the industry is all great for expanding your knowledge and experience but it is vital to ensure these courses offer a qualification with a governing body, otherwise there is no guarantee that the training you have received is accurate, of the standard it needs to be and above all else there is no guarantee you have been taught a safe practice.


Think about it from a clients point of view. Would you be happy to pay salon prices to receive a treatment from an individual who not only didn’t have the correct insurance but had also received training that may not have been accurate or safe? I’m sure your answer, like mine, would be a definitive no.


Holding the correct qualifications shows employers and your clients that you have not only received the correct and proper training but that you are fully capable of doing your job and that you are able to do it safely. Covid-19 has put a huge amount of pressure and uncertainty on the industry but with things now returning to a new normal, it is vital that you are able to not only prove, but to practice the most up to date health and safety and hygiene regulations. Working to these new standards and regulations will ensure your clients feel comfortable and confident knowing they are in safe hands.


With the film and TV industry beginning to flourish again, many have become increasingly particular on what they require from an individual in order to offer them any form of employment. It is now required by most companies and agencies that candidates hold at least a level 3 certificate with some even requesting applicants to have a hairdressing or barbering qualification. Here at AR Makeup School we highly recommend all students complete a level 3 course to ensure they do not fall short of the requirements needed today to landing your dream job.


With over 15 years in business we not only understand the industry but the importance of all the requirements you need to succeed and grow and become the best you can be.