The Best Halloween Makeup Ideas for 2019

by | Oct 9, 2019 | Blog

Halloween is every makeup artist’s favourite time of year, allowing them to get a little bit creative with their makeup looks – not to mention cracking out their fake blood and face paints! From full-on gory halloween makeup looks to super-glam, gorgeous looks – Halloween makeup often takes a bit longer than your usual makeover, but it’s oh-so worth it. So whether you’re looking to scare or impress – these Halloween makeup ideas are sure to give you all the inspiration for your 2019 look. 


The Ghoulest Halloween Makeup Looks for 2019


Dark Bunny



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Gorgeous, but spooky – this look is perfect for those wanting to add a little touch of glamour to their Halloween makeup. With on-trend faux freckles, a killer pout and two dramatic pairs of lashes, this makeup is sure to get you noticed. 

So whether you’re heading to a house party a Halloween night out, or simply want to practice some spooky cut crease makeup, then this is the perfect look for you! 


Keep Your Mouth Shut


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Experiment with sculpt gel, fake blood and your tool kit for this look!

Super simple, yet super-effective, this look will turn everyone’s head this Halloween. The glam face of makeup is what makes this look even more striking, creating a huge distinction between the gory mouth and soft glam smokey eye – making it perfect for makeup artists who can turn their hand to any kind of look!


Half Skull


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This work of art was created by our super-talented ex-student, Lucy Blake, who truly seems to be able to turn her hand to anything! Despite specialising in soft glam makeup looks, Lucy has really nailed that Halloween skull and we are obsessed!

With gorgeous, loose curls and a glamorous smokey eye, this half-skull look is perfect for those wanting to add a little bit of glam and a little bit of spookiness to their Halloween makeup look this year.


Glam Zombie


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If you want to go all-out Halloween, but still want to look gorgeous, then this glam zombie look is perfect for you. You’ll need to dig out all your face paints, brushes and latex for this look, but you’ll still need those all-important false lashes to give this look that touch of beauty!

If you want to add an extra-striking touch to this look, then opt for some white contact lenses for that ‘risen from the dead’ appearance.


Melted Face


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We all try and avoid the dreaded melted makeup look in the summer, but this is the perfect look to scare people on Halloween!

This super-clever look will require a lot of line work, shading a clever use of highlighter and a spare few hours, but the end result will make it all worth it – just think of all those Instagram likes that’ll be rolling in.


Neon Leopard



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If you’re not quite over your summer in Ibiza, then this Zoo Project themed look is just perfect for you.

You’ll need to get your full makeup kit out for this look, including neon pigments, airbrush makeup, face paint, false lashes and eyeliner – to name just a few! Whether you focus entirely on your face, or you’re feeling brave enough to go for a full body look – this is the perfect Halloween makeup look for a night out that’s sure to have all eyes on you. Fierce.