Health & Safety; Protecting Our Industry After COVID-19

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Blog

As the industry prepares to move on post-COVID, AR founder and principal, Suzanne Potts discusses why it’s now more important than ever to ensure that everyone on the job is fully qualified. 

Are you or the people you employ qualified?

These are unprecedented times indeed, everyone is so massively affected. Every industry in every area. 

Luckily, the country is starting, albeit, slowly, to get back to normal. The new normal that is! It is in fact starting to become painfully obvious that things will not be the same as before and we will need to work harder than ever to stay safe and secure in our industry.

So what does that mean for the beauty business?

Health, Safety and Hygiene are going to be at the forefront of every single employers’ minds. But that’s not all.

Your clients and even your insurance provider will be thinking differently now. Things we once took for granted are now a frightening prospect; no more cutting corners or ‘losing certificates’. The onus will be on MUAs to prove their qualifications and, more importantly, to stay up-to-date with best practise. 

Ask yourselves…

  • How qualified are you?
  • Are you qualified to keep yourself safe?
  • How are you able to keep your clients safe?
  • What about the cast and crew and everyone around you?

Whilst, right now, it’s difficult to have the answers to these questions, you can bet you’ll need the answers when jobs start coming in again. 

Brides will still need makeup artists, as will actors, red carpet goers, clients going to events and functions. The job remains but so does the risk, now more prominent in the minds of the public than ever.

Are you an MUA? 

It’s now crucial that you, as a makeup artist, are as highly qualified as you are talented. Your portfolio of work might have got you your last job, but the measures you’ve put in place for your clients, yourself and your ongoing training might be what clinches it from here on out. 

Are you hiring an MUA? 

As a bride, producer or client, you are putting yourself and those for whom you are responsible at risk if you fail to employ makeup artists with a governed qualification. Your artist must be practicing safe and hygienic procedures at all times and as their employer, you must enable and support them in doing so.

A certificate printed from a brand or school may not even be worth the paper it’s written on. Make sure it’s governed, make sure your insured, make sure you’re safe. 

At AR, our courses are accredited by governing bodies and an education board. They are qualifications that enable our students to go out into media and industry and do a great – and safe – job. Our industry is changing and it is right that from here on out, that from wedding parties to film productions, make up artists should be properly qualified. 

If you’ve  previously attended a make up school but didn’t receive a certificate from a governing body, had your course cut short, please get in touch with us to see how we can help you, by emailing