The Handbag Makeup Essentials

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Makeup

We’ve all been there – you step out for the day with perfect makeup, but by lunch time, you’ve got more lipstick on your teeth than your lips, your t-zone is looking a little shiny and your false eyelash isn’t feeling as secure as it did a few hours ago… 

But there’s no need to panic, our handbag makeup essentials will ensure that any makeup disasters are averted to keep you looking flawless all day long.


The Handbag Makeup Essentials

Cotton BudsThe Handbag Makeup Essentials AR Makeup School

Perfect for cleaning up any imperfections – cotton buds are absolutely essential in any handbag. Whether you’ve smudged your lipstick or your eyeliner has started to migrate south – cotton buds will clean up any mistakes in an instant. But make sure they’re plastic-free and biodegradable – we don’t want them contributing to the build up of plastic in the ocean.


Lip Balm

We’ve all been there – after wearing a liquid lipstick for a few hours, your lips start to feel like sandpaper and you’re in desperate need of some lip balm – no handbag should be without it.


Eyelash Glue

If you’re a lover of false eyelashes, then you need some eyelash glue with you at all times. No matter how well you apply your lashes, there’s always a chance they might ping off throughout the day, so make sure you’ve got some glue to come to your rescue.



Whether you need to sort out a few stray eyebrow hairs, or your false eyelash is misbehaving – tweezers will always come in handy in your handbag.



The Handbag Makeup Essentials AR Makeup SchoolIf your t-zone gets a little bit shiny throughout the day, then translucent powder is a handbag-must. Simply dust a little across your forehead, chin and anywhere else which has started to look a little oily to keep your makeup in place and looking flawless all day long.


Makeup Brushes

Travel makeup brushes are another handbag essential. Whether you need to touch up your t-zone, or top up your blusher – makeup brushes will come in handy for all your makeup emergencies.



Touching up your makeup won’t be easy without a mirror – so make sure you always have one in your bag. If you’re looking to save space, then get your hands on a powder compact with built-in mirror so you’ve got the two products in one. It’s a win-win.


The Handbag Makeup Essentials AR Makeup School


Whether an annoying spot pops up during the day, or you severely underestimated the severity of the dark circles under your eyes -concealer is must-have in any handbag. Trust us – it will save you time after time.



If you find yourself looking a little pale throughout the day, then blusher will be your saviour to add a pop of colour to your cheeks. Simply blend onto the apples of your cheeks using  your travel makeup brush (see – we told you they’d come in handy), and you’ll look fresh and radiant all day long.


Keep all of your makeup essentials in a handbag-friendly makeup bag and you’ll never have a bad makeup day again.