Soap Brows: This Year’s Biggest Brow Trend

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Makeup, Trends

When it comes to our eyebrows, we all have our weapon of choice. From powders and pencils to gels and pomades – there’s a brow product to suit everyone. But 2019’s newest brow trend, soap brows is set to take over everything you thought you knew about brow grooming – and it’s given us one more brow product to choose from. Promising to leave you with fuller, more feathery brows, this makeup hack is one that everyone needs to get on board with. All you’ll need is a bar of soap and a spoolie brush – just trust us.


What are Soap Brows?

The clue is in the name with this new brow trend. Taking inspiration from drag queens and old Hollywood glamour, soap brows exploded onto the makeup scene at the beginning of this year. Promising to provide fuller, feathery and more natural-looking eyebrows, this simple makeup hack is perfect for those on a budget. With just a spoolie brush and a bar of soap, you can achieve the most gorgeous, natural-looking brows of your dreams.

Soap Brows: This Year’s Biggest Brow Trend AR Makeup School


The Soap Brow Technique

The following steps will help you to achieve those killer editorial brows that everyone’s lusting over. All you need to get your hands on is a bar of clear soap and a spoolie brush – it’s taking low-maintenance to a whole new level.

The first step is to wet your spoolie brush, before spinning it around on your bar of soap. You want to make sure you’re picking up the frothy layer of soap with your brush to help you avoid any unwanted clumps of soap in your eyebrows.

After picking up a generous amount of product on your brush, use small upwards brush strokes to distribute it throughout your brows. Once they’re completely brushed up and you’ve added a generous amount of product to your brows, you’ll want to brush the hairs sideways towards the tail of your brow to give them that groomed, bushy look.

It’s important to note that the soap will set quite quickly, so it’s best to work on one brow at a time.

If you’ve got any sparse areas, you might like to fill in your brows using your go-to brow pencil. However, it’s important not to go too over the top with this step – you want to keep your brows looking as natural as possible, so only fill in gaps in your brows.

And there you have it – the most effective, stress-free way to style your brows each morning.