Summer Makeup Tips

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Blog, Makeup

So it’s finally here. Summer 2021! Its been a challenging year for everyone. I speak for most when I say how much we’ve been looking forward to getting out in the sun, but what are the best products out there this year that can stand the test of time in the sun and keep us looking and feeling fresh?


First things first. Every makeup routine requires a good foundation that not only covers but also protects our delicate skin from the sun’s UV rays. Finding the proper foundation can be a challenge and involves a lot of trial and error; however, one that has consistently been recommended comes from the Charlotte Tilbury collection and is called Magic Foundation. Offering, a fabulous range of colours from lightest to darkest and a flawless and weightless finish when applied, allowing the skin to breathe naturally, this foundation is becoming a firm favourite with users, especially on those long summer days.


The next step to achieving that flawless complexion is to choose a powder that sits effortlessly on top of your foundation. The right powder should complement your foundation and not give it a thick and “cakey” look. No one wants to sit out in the heat wearing more layers than they have to. Opting for a mineral powder can give a more lightweight feel and offer a more natural and subtle glow. Make sure you choose a warmer tone for darker skin to avoid that ashy apearance. Applying a rose or peach blush powder or blush stick to the cheeks provides the complexion with a healthy and warm glow. Be sure to choose one with added SPF so you can top your makeup up throughout the day quickly and conveniently.


Next to shine are the eyes. Whether you’re wearing sunglasses or not, it’s essential to make the eyes stand out and pop! Opting for waterproof mascara is always a good option when the sun is shining extra bright. During peak times, the sun can make the eyes water and cause us to squint, so choosing a waterproof mascara can help prevent embarrassing leaks and smears. If you want to go for a curly lash effect, Barry M, That’s How I Roll Mascara gives your eyes that curly and bold finish. Clumps are a huge inconvenience, especially during the summer months when things can begin to dry out; however, Stila HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara can be just what you are looking for to curb the clump and create a lightweight and seamless looking lash. Don’t be afraid to add a dash of colour to your lids! Oranges, greens, blues, and pinks are some of the most popular summer choices, as well as the classic and more subtle bronzer tones.


Finally, the lips, and we’ve got some great news. Lip gloss is back! Whether you choose to go bold or for a more natural look, lip gloss is perfect for creating that shiny and glossy look you desire. The colour you choose all depends on you. There’s the classic clear, pucker-up pink, and cheeky cherry, to name a few. Although you can never go wrong with pink or red, the shade of 2021 has been decided, and its orange! This bright and vibrant shade will bring that extra splash of fun and excitement to the summer we’ve all been longing for. So come on, try something new and make the most out of coming out of lockdown by coming out of your shell too.

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